November 8, 2012 Updates


Diabetes continues to increase steadily as people are living longer. Diabetes is generally defined as “high blood sugar”.

Diet and exercise is the cornerstone of initial treatment of Diabetes. It is recommended that everyone should have thirty minutes of exercise daily. For optimum diet management use the following formula for caloric intake and body weight.

Estimate Caloric Intake
Men and working women should have 15 calories per pound of body weight.
For example, a man weighing 150 pounds requires 2,250 calories per day.

Estimate Desirable Body Weight
Women – first five feet of height – 100 pounds and add five (5) pounds for each additional inch over five feet.
Men – first five feet of height – 106 pounds and add six (6) pounds for each additional inch over five feet.
For example, a man whose height is 5 feet 9 inches would have an ideal weight of
106 pounds plus (6×9) 54 which equals 160 pounds.

There is no general agreement about carbohydrate intake per day, but it is recommended that it should be less than 130 grams per day. Diet should contain lean cuts of meats, more fish, more vegetables, more fruits and low fat or skim milk,

There is a growing interest in herbal/natural supplements for Diabetes treatment. The following are commonly used herbs for Diabetes treatment:
1. Cinnamon: There are four varieties of cinnamon available but cinnamon-cassia is most commonly sold in US markets. Cinnamon is considered as an insulin sensitizer. The recommended dose of cinnamon is ½ to 1 teaspoon of ground cinnamon per day.
2. Alpa-Lipoic Acid: It is an anti-oxidant. Alpa-Lipoic Acid increases glucose uptake in muscle and it is also an insulin sensitizer. It is also used for decreasing pain, burning and tingling that are associated with Diabetes.
3. Aloe: Reports suggest that Aloe juice helps lower blood sugar levels. The recommended does is 50 – 200 mg per day.
4. Other commonly used herbs are Ginseng, Chromium and Bitter Melon. All of the above herbs have not been studied in clinical trials in the United States.