Thompson Family Medical Center

Chatham Family Medical Center, formerly known as Thompson Family Medical Center, has been in business since 1936 when it was originally established by Girard V. Thompson, Sr., M.D


Girard V Thompson Sr

Girard V. Thompson, Sr., M.D. established his private medical practice in the town of Chatham, Virginia in 1936 after graduating from the Medical College of Virginia in 1934.  Dr. Thompson, Sr.  served the people of Pittsylvania County for sixty three years.  When Dr. Girard V. Thompson, Jr.  joined his father  in 1964 the practice moved to 60 North Main Street in the town of Chatham and became Thompson Family Medical Center and remained there until 2002 when the practice was moved to its current location.

Dr. Girard V Thompson Sr

Girard V Thompson Jr

Minesh R. Shah, M.D. joined the practice in 2004 and partnered with Dr. Thompson, Jr. to continue to serve the Pittsylvania County and surrounding communities.  Dr. Thompson, Jr. served for forty three years until his death in 2007.  Thompson Family Medical Center ‘s  name was then changed to Chatham Family Medical Center.

Minesh Shah, M.D., the sole proprietor of Chatham Family Medical Center, continues to serve the people of Pittsylvania County and the surrounding area.